COVID-19 Requirements

Recognizing the importance of libraries in the community and the need to keep the public safe, Wiscasset Public Library has narrowed its focus to the priority service that it can accomplish without endangering visitors. The focus of the Library at this time is to circulate the collection and to offer internet access to the public. To accomplish this end Wiscasset Public Library welcomes patrons back under new regulations. These requirements are not completely new as we have all been following them for the last several weeks as we visit grocery stores, markets and gas stations.

Patron visit requirements:

  • 10 patrons allowed in building at a time.
  • Face covering is required and shall be worn while in the building (bring your own). Curbside delivery is available for those who cannot wear a facial covering.
  • Shall use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering, even if you are wearing gloves.
  • Must be symptom free of any illness for the last two weeks.
  • 30-minute time limit Library visit.
  • Place any item that you touched and are not checking out on one of the tables in the room so they can be added to the quarantine cart. Do not return items to shelves.
  • No public bathrooms.
  • No Meetings.
  • Patrons who are non-compliant will be asked to leave the building. The Library is committed to keeping everyone as safe as possible and to maintaining a safe space to allow us to stay open.

All programs are cancelled until it is deemed safe to begin scheduling group activities again.
The Used Book Room is closed until further notice.

We can successfully maintain an open and functioning library with your help.

We can do this together!