Children’s Policy

The WPL  welcomes young children to use its facility, collection, and services.  The Library strives to maintain a safe, secure and comfortable environment for children and their parents/caregivers so that they may have a positive experience when visiting the Library.

The safety of all children who use the library is a priority. It is never safe to leave children by themselves in a public place. In addition, young children left on their own may become frightened or anxious. Library staff cannot take the place of a parent/caregiver and guarantee the safety and security of children. It is in the best interest of young children in the Library to be appropriately supervised by a parent or responsible caregiver 12-years-old or older.

Patrons of any age will follow the standards for appropriate customer behavior on Library premises as stated in WPL’s Customer Behavior Policy.

Supervision Guidelines 

  •  Children Ages 9 Years and Younger.  Children who are ages nine years and younger shall be supervised at all times by a parent/caregiver who is 12 years old or older.  If staff members are concerned about an unattended child, they will attempt to locate the parent/caregiver.  If the parent/caregiver cannot be located within 20 minutes, Library staff will call the Wiscasset Police Department for assistance and will remain with the child until a responsible individual arrives.
  • Children Ages 10 Years and Older.  Children ages ten and eleven, and whose parents agree, may use the Library without being in the presence of their parent/caregiver. The parent/caregiver must remain on Library property while the child is using the facilities.
  •  Children Ages 12 Years and Older.  Children over 12 years of age and whose parents agree, may use the Library unsupervised.
  • Programs.  Parents/caregivers of children nine years and younger attending a program will remain with the child during the program.
  • Closing Time, Including Early Closings
    • If a child age 11 or younger is not accompanied by a parent/ caregiver at closing time, the Library staff will attempt to locate the parent/caregiver. If the parent/caregiver cannot be reached, the Library staff will call 911 to request that the police collect the child.  Two staff members will stay with the child after closing until the police or parent/caregiver arrives.
    • If the parent/caregiver arrives before the police do, a staff member will notify police that they are no longer needed.
    • Staff members will not transport children under any circumstances.