Posting Policy

Wiscasset Public Library Posting Policy

This policy shall be applied to all posting areas in and on Library grounds including: bulletin boards, desktops, counter spaces, leaflet holders, patio bricks, etc.

The Wiscasset Public Library wishes to promote a feeling of goodwill and openness by allowing the posting of community news and information. However, since the Library is a nonprofit and so legally not allowed to promote any political candidate or issue and postings may be construed as indicating the Library’s support or promotion of that particular stand, which could threaten the library’s nonprofit status, the Board of Trustees will not permit the posting or display of political or religious statements or the circulation of petitions of any kind.

Priority will be given to announcements of library programs. Because of space considerations, other material from not-for-profit organizations will be posted as space allows.

The library reserves the right to deny and/or discard any posting of any material at the discretion of the Board of Trustees and staff.

No promotional materials, leaflets, or posters which advocate a political position or platform shall be displayed, nor shall such materials, leaflets or posters advocating a religious platform.