Shower With Love

This April the Friends of Wiscasset Public Library would like to encourage the public to Shower Your Library With Love. The items on the following wish will assist supply programming materials for all ages.  All items on the list are available on Simply select an item and gift it to Wiscasset Public Library, 21 High Street, Wiscasset. Call or email to let us know that the item is on the way and we will edit it off of the wish list.

Thank you to our wonderful Friends of Wiscasset Public Library.

Thank you to donors for your continued support.

Children’s Room Wishlist Contact:

 Magnetic Dots – Self Adhesive 120 Pcs
 Peachy Keen Crafts Self-Adhesive Crafting Felt 8X12 Assorted Colors 25 Pack
 Kasemi Chenille Stem Pipe Cleaners 20 assorted colors 1000Pcs
 Makersland Pony Bead Kit 18 color with elastic string 2600+Pcs (Need 2 Sets)
 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Vol. 1: Deserted Island Diary
 Amazon Basics Purple Washable Glue Sticks 60 pack.
 Sunmut 30 Pcs 2” Wood Slices Kit – Unfinished, Predrilled Wood Circles for DIY Christmas
 Eppo Indoor Basketball Hoop for Kids
 Paper Note Pads White (60, 3X5 inch) (Need 2 Sets)
 Jyongmer 6000 Pcs Multicolor Tissue Paper Squares, two inch (Need 2 Sets)
 Kinlop 80 Pcs adhesive Felt Fabric Sheets Multi Colored (4X4 inch)
 Teacher Created Resources Large Plastic Treasure Chest
 Aroic Paint Brushes Set 120 Pcs
 Crayola Model Magic White (1oz) seventy-five count bulk clay
 Aleene’s 17843 Quick Dry Tacky Glue 8oz (Need 2)
 Fennoral 10 Pack Spring Wind Chimes Kit for Kids (Need 2 Sets)
 Pacon Corporation Mailbox, fifteen slots, 12½-inch X 10-inch X 3-inch, Blue
 200 pack 1 inch Foam Brush Bulk Foam Paint Brush
 Manloufushi 30 Pcs Colorful Turtles Enamel Charms Mixed
 Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Vol.2 Desserted Island Diary (2)

Teen/Young Adult Room Wishlist Contact:

 LG 43″; TV 4K Gaming (for Teen Gaming & DVD Programming)
 Teen DVD Blue Ray Player (Monthly Movie Nights)
 D&D Among Thieves 4K DVD
 Barbie DVD *no 4K needed
 Black Panther Wakanda Forever DVD
 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 DVD 4K
 Super Mario Bro Movie
 Colored pencils 12 set bulk package (inhouse programming, comic creations, mindful coloring)
 Maker Programming – Stamping jewelry, keychain, dog tag stampers
 Maker Programming – in house making polymer clay: D&D miniatures and jewelry making.
 Dual Markers – bullet journaling X 2
 D&D miniatures bulk lot (Painting programming)
 D&D paints
 D&D Core Set
 D&D Dice Sets
 Nintendo Switch
 Joy Con Grip
 HORI Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Attachment Set with Ergonomic Controller
 Switch Controller
 Switch Accessories
 Comfort grips for switch joy-cons.
 Games:
 OverCooked 2
 Minecraft
 Animal Crossing: New Horizon
 Citizen Sleeper
 Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wilde
 *Divinity Original Sin (older/adults)
 Baba is you
 *Return of Obra Dinn (older teens/adults)
 Meta Quest 2
 PGA Tour Golf+
 Little Witch Academia Broom Racing
 Ocean Rift
 Star Chart
 Librarium
 iPads 256GB
 Paints
 Large gaming sets indoor/outdoor (for visually impaired) thinking large chess, checkers,
minigolf flags and putters.

Adult Spaces Wishlist Contact:

 CAREGY Deep Cut Blade and Housing for Cricut Maker Replacement Deep Point Blade
Compatible with Maker 3/Explore 3/Air 2/Air/Maker/One Cutting Machines by CAREGY
CAREGY 60 PCS Replacement Cutting Blades for Cricut Explore Air 2/Air 3/Maker/Maker
3, Includ 10PCS Fine Point Blade, 40PCS Standard Blaeds and 10PCS Deep Point Blades Co
mpatible with Cricut Blades by CAREGY $8.99
43PCS Ultimate Accessories Bundle for Cricut Maker Machine & All Explore Air, Cricut
Vinyl Beginner Bundle Tool Kit, Craft Weeding Set for Starters, Pros & Skilled Crafters by
Pradory $39.99
Unfinished Wood Pieces,15 Pack Basswood Sheets 1/16,Basswood Plywood Wood Sheets
for Crafts,Perfect for Painting, Drawing, Laser, Wood Engraving, Wood Burning and CNC
Cutting (12 x 12 inch – 1.5mm) by Cassny $20.98
12 Pack Basswood Sheets for Crafts-12 x 12 x 1/8 Inch- 3mm Thick Plywood Sheets with
Smooth Surfaces-Unfinished Squares Wood Boards for Laser Cutting, Wood Burning,
Architectural Models, Staining by AWIZOM $20.99
AYAYGD 12 Pack Basswood Sheets 12 x 12 Inch,1/16 Inch Thin Wood Sheet Plywood
Sheets Unfinished Wood for Crafts, Perfect for DIY Projects, Painting, Drawing, Laser,
Wood Engraving, Wood Burning by AYAYGD $20.99
Cricut Transfer Tape – 1ft x 12ft – Easy Transfer Adhesive Sheet for Vinyl Projects –
Compatible with Most Vinyl Types – Clear by Cricut (Kitchen) $7.49
HTVRONT Glitter HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle 12 Rolls – 10'' x 5' Glitter Iron on Vinyl, Easy to Cut Iron on Vinyl for Cricut & Cameo, Easy to Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl by
HTVRONT $69.99
Oleitodh HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle – 20 Pack 12'' x 100 FT Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls
Bulk, Iron on Vinyl for Cricut T-Shirt, HTV Vinyl Bundle with 20 Assorted Colorsby
Oleitodh $59.99